St. Louis

The Gateway to the West

Lewis & Clark would be proud of your journey to this Midwestern city that displays the Gateway Arch in honor of the westward travels launched at the river front. Take a trip to the top in a tram where you can explore a view of the city and the Mississippi River.  But, don’t be surprised if someone stops to ask you where you went to high school.  That’s right, high school. It’s a St. Louis thing as local as the humidity during the summer. St. Louis is home to a group dubbed “some of the most loyal fans in baseball”.  When you visit a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, you will discover there is truth in the name as you sit among a sea of red-clad fans cheering for a multi-World Series winning team. Other highlights of a trip to St. Louis include an avaunt-garde City Museum, The Magic House Children’s Museum in Kirkwood, and Forest Park (home of the 1904 World’s Fair where many inventions like the ice cream cone and iced tea got their start). Forest Park rivals Central Park in New York as being a vast green space.

Sell My Car in St. Louis

Like the St. Louis Zoo and many other attractions in St. Louis, AutoWranglers.com offers a free service to you.  AutoWranglers.com also offers same-day payment for residents from the “Show-Me State”.  If you want to sell your car in St. Louis, but aren’t sure where to begin, AutoWranglers.com is here to help.  We will pick up your vehicle for free, ready to pay you the same day.  Rely on a team of experts at AutoWranglers.com to help you sell your car.  We make the process easy and fast to sell your car, RV, moped, boat, or any other vehicle in the St. Louis area. We buy just about any vehicle from the public. We pick up your car anywhere within the Greater St. Louis area, which includes The Hill, The Grove, Grand, Washington Avenue Loft District, Kirkwood, Crestwood, Frontenac, North County, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County and parts just across the river into the Illinois side.

Your Car Could Help Raise Funds

When there is a need in the area, the people of St. Louis are known to step up to the plate and make great things happen for those in need. Raise the funds your organization needs with a fundraiser using donated vehicles. Whether it’s the Fox Performing Arts Charity, Heat Up St. Louis, the Ronald McDonald House or any other number of worthy causes, AutoWranglers.com truly wants to change the lives of millions for the better and provide a strong foundation to your fundraising efforts.

Tens of Thousands of dollars can be raised quickly with cars donated for fundraising purposes, and AutoWranglers.com makes raising funds easy. The heart of why AutoWranglers.com exists is to give back to the local community by raising funds for deserving charities. The founders of AutoWranglers.com designed their Direct Purchase Program to transform the process of fundraising. AutoWranglers.com intends to change the way medium and large tier 2 and 3 level churches, foundations, charities, school clubs, civic groups and any other fundraising effort goes about raising the majority of their funding. 

Fundraising in St. Louis doesn’t have to leave you feeling like you’re stuck on Hwy. 270 during rush hour.  Let AutoWranglers.com help you get your kicks on Route 66 and make your next fundraiser easy and profitable. You choose the fundraising needs then let AutoWranglers.com help you with your next fundraiser. Give it a try. You will be surprised how quickly you reach your financial goals. 

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AutoWranglers.com founder Barry Barbee also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Auto Body Council and has served as the organization’s Director at Large 2018, 2019 and 2020. Through the Recycled Rides Program to date, the organization has donated over 2500 vehicles to veterans, veterans causes and family’s in need of a hand up. The combined monetary value of the gifted vehicles totals more than $36,000,000.00. The NABC also proudly donates thousands of vehicles per year through it’s First Responder Emergency Extraction Program as well as supporting awareness for Distracted Driving

How Do I Donate my Car in St. Louis?

The state of Missouri makes it easy to donate your vehicle no matter what kind of condition it is in.  Your donation will earn you a tax deduction of at least $500 when you donate to an IRS 501(c)(3) organization.  AutoWranglers.com is ready to guide you through the donation process with answers to your questions about where to sign on the title, what is an “and” or an “or” clause and what forms of automobile-related vehicles don’t require a title (snowmobiles and mopeds in Missouri).  We also make it easy to donate your car, boat, motorcycle RV or other vehicle regardless of its condition.  We provide you with fast pick-up services that are always free.  We answer your questions about donating your car in St. Louis and make sure the proper paperwork is filled out to transfer ownership and allow you to claim the most tax deduction for your donation by providing you with a sales receipt if your car ends up selling for more than the minimum IRS allowed amount.  We come to you throughout St. Louis area to walk you through these steps and pick up your car for free.  We even make it easy to get started.  It starts as easily as filling out our online car donation form at AutoWranglers.com, calling us at 1-833-TOW-CASH or visiting our online live chat to begin your car donation process today.