Do you buy Junk Cars?

We have a network of dealers, auction houses and motivated buyers that want your vehicle, regardless of condition

Can you buy cars with a clean title / salvage title / no title?

Yes.  The title you hold will alter the price we can offer, but regardless of what title you have, we can take it

I’ve been offered more by a dealer than you offered on the website, why is that?

Our buyers are typically looking for cars based on their component value, whereas a dealer can often look to sell the whole vehicle.  In addition, we include a free tow and collection which will often be deducted from your dealer’s quote.  Make sure you read the small print when comparing offers as our competition can often include hidden fees!

I was offered more a month ago than you’ve just offered, why is that?

The price of scrap and junk cars can vary by the day, so offers can go down as well as up.  Scrap prices are lower than they have been historically for a combination of reasons, including the availability of newer cars, the current state of the economy and the price of steel on the open market.

What are some steps I can take to get a better offer for my car?

We suggest taking at a minimum 10 photos of the car so we can get an accurate representation of the vehicle. Use this video as a guide for what pictures are needed.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em2RwoRNfo8

How long will it take for my vehicle to be picked up?

Typically once you accept our offer we can schedule pickup within 48 hours.

Will you share my personal information with other sources?

The answer is No, absolutely not. Autowranglers will only share your information with providers that are required to complete your sales transaction.  This may include inspection & transportation partners.  Otherwise, we do not share any personal information without your explicit permission.

My car is not running. Can I still sell my vehicle to Autowranglers?

In one simple word, absolutely! Roughly 1/3 of all vehicles we buy don’t run, drive, or they have some sort of mechanical issues.  We buy cars, trucks, and vans with mechanical issues, those that are damaged, and even non-running vehicles.

Do I need to give my car a good cleaning first?

Clean cars always inspect better than very dirty ones.  This doesn’t mean you have to pay for an expensive detail – just a simple wash and vacuum, clean the windows and remove all your personal items so the vehicle can be imaged properly.  It is proven however that detailing your vehicle is the smartest money you can spend to enhance the value prior to sale.

I have a question about my title/DMV paperwork. Who can assist me with this?

The best information regarding your title or DMV paperwork can be obtained from the Accounting/Title department or CFS (Consumer Financial Services) Department at each store.

I have questions around my title or need to transfer the ownership

Autowranglers can’t help you directly with title issues, changes of ownership etc and recommend you contact your local DMV office to raise any queries.